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Creative Director  Sang Wook Lee



The literal meaning of “author” is 

〔 L 「 writes professionally 」 n.

1 The author of a piece of writing is the person who wrote it.

2 An author is a person whose job is writing books.

3 The author of a plan or proposal is the person who thinks of it and works out the details.

The Author’s aim is to make a totally new brand concept every season. We make a new story for each and every brand. We are the author and creators.

We see an alternate gender that naturally expresses relative elements of  the ego of man and woman

We want to transform the variety of styling, based on the utility and popular appeal.

We create a story and then we make clothes about that story. Later we make a book on the various pieces of clothing.

Motto: cosmopolitan with a rich sensibility.


(source 1; paraphrased by tadu8)


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