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R.shemiste 알쉬미스트

Creative Director Ji Yeon Won, Ju Ho Lee



R.SHEMISTE [/al.ʃi.mist/] brand has two separate lines: R.SHEMISTE collection label and R.SHEMISTE contemporary label.

R.SHEMISTE collection label is the brand’s collection line and launches twice each year: S/S season and F/W season. They are collection lines shown during Seoul Fashion Week and International Fashion Week. Each season contains a concept and R. SHEMISTE’s original identity to express conceptual and high—sportism fashion. This label is a high—end prestige line, sold in international select shops and sold in Korea through individual orders only.

R.SHEMISTE contemporary label is inspired by R.SHEMISTE collection line and launches four times each year: resort, summer, f/w, and holiday season. Targeted towards domestic consumers, the contemporary line has a much younger mood and contains basic items of reasonable price. This R.SHEMISTE’s second lines still possess R.SHEMISTE’s brand identity but can be more wearable for consumers.


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Korean Designer Brand Profile R.shemiste

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