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Oct31 악토버31

Creative Director  Sun Il Kim



Oct31 is a womenswear brand based in Korea.

Since the brand is the medium for expressing everything about the designer, Oct31, which means the creation of the designer, was directly projected to the brand and the ‘Oct31’ was created.

Oct31 modernizes the classic value of traditional fashion melts it into womenswear. We are developing our brand with a focus on delivering the new classic value of Oct31.

Under the slogan “Give Oct31 Classic” the color, the silhouette, and the contemporary are three keywords that produce reasonable quality values.

We think classical must should be very traditional and everyday.

Based on traditional and everyday clothing, the company reinvents ‘Oct31 Classic’ by adding a combination of colors  that are not colorful, silhouettes that can be beautiful when worn, and refined modern details that contain parts.


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Korean Designer Brand Profile Oct31

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