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Creative Director  Mi Seon Jeong



Since the first launching for 2010 spring summer season, she have thrived in pursuit of highly sensitive collections based on exquisite tailoring and sharp cutting. The brand, NOHKE is named after her Korean name JUNG MI SUN’s stage name, ‘NOHKE: 綠檜’.
The collection that NOHKE presents is characterized by coexistence of seemingly contradictory concepts: Powerful tailoring and delicate silhouette, minimal but contemporary avant-garde, cool and elegance.
NOHKE’s collection whose main characteristics is creative reproduction of the beauty of balance on silhouette based on understanding of the proportion and structure of human body focuses on creating true elegance that is never faded over time. Expressing elegant silhouette of women through the designer’s novel patterning skills that cross freely dimensional boundaries, NOHKE is considered as the brand that meets contemporary needs of customers regardless of their age or location. Particularly, her leather collection with stereoscopic silhouettes is the brand’s signature line which has been getting attention from increasing number of people over time.
NOHKE has featured in Vogue, W, Elle,, Harper’s Bazaar and Cosmopolitan and so on.


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Korean Designer Brand Profile NOHKE

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