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MÜNN was launched in 2013 by the creative director Hyun-min Han. We stay away from the traditional garment making process instead, we take an unfamiliar approach that has not been done before to push out creativity to the maximum ability. We gain our inspiration from the 60’s made-to-order high-quality ethics.
With that inspiration in mind, our way of sewing garments is the most notable quality that makes us stand out. We don’t follow the traditional way of sewing our garments. Instead, this process begins with us switching up the order on how we sew our garments, we found that lead us to a new silhouette that wouldn’t be done if we were to follow the traditional method of garment construction.
These foreign concepts will be presented with details and materials used in our creation, and we will continue to challenge the old concepts of fashion.We understand the detrimental effect the fashion industry has caused over the environment over centuries. Our team at MÜNN feel responsible for this outcome and we come before sustainability as students, constantly learning and reinventing new ways to express our creativity while making least amount of environmental impact.
These are just a few examples of how MÜNN is going sustainable. Our brand is approved by the join life labeling as we are using fabrics that are created with 50% of ecologically grown fabric. We also firmly believe in standing against animal cruelty. Which is why at MÜNN use of real animal leather as well as the use of animal fur is strictly prohibited. Our team here consists of skilled specialists, with years of experience that can help us to create  freely while making least amount of damage to our home planet Earth.
2020 07  Milano Fashion Week SS21 Runway Collection
2020 03  “Phantom of the Opera” Musical Mask Design Collaboration
2020 02  Mulberry England Bag Collaboration
2020 01  London Fashion Week FW20 Runway Collection
2019 06  London Fashion Week SS20 Runway Collection
2018 10  “Seoul Fashion Week” Best Designer Award Winner
2017 06  “Kia Motors” Uniform Design
2016 02  Kolon “Re; Code” FW16 Collaboration Collection
2016 06  “International Woolmark Prize” Asia Menswear Award Winner
2016 05  Samsung Cnt “beanpole” SS16 Collaboration
2013 01  Launching of Münn
2011 11  “Sadi” Jury Show 1st Place Winner


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Korean Designer Brand Profile MÜNN

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