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Creative Director Min Sun Park


Park Min-Sun was born in South Korea in 1989. She studied Fashion design at Duksung Women’s University in Seoul. When she was in her third-year of university, she launched the ‘KINDERSALMON’ brand. The following, she year participated in Seoul Fashion Week Fair 2014 Spring/Summer collection. Shortly after that, in 2015, Min-Sun exhibited her KINDERSALMON collection in Tokyo and still returns periodically. Now she is trying to enter the market in Europe and to expand the brand in domestic market at the same time.

KINDERSALMON was launched from the 13′ AW season. We have a principle that the garments are based on the unconventional mind, however still keeping the balance in a refined design with comfort. Each garment has diverse characteristics and are independent themselves. Our ambition is to create and develop garments that can represent one’s own personality regardless of any particular styles or trends.

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Korean Designer Brand Profile KINDERSALMON

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