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Jehee Sheen

Jehee Sheen 재희신

Creative Director  Jehee Sheen



Jehee Sheen comes from deep appreciation and exploration of human nature. Jehee Sheen believes that fashion is above mere artistic amusement and means to pretension. Also he believes that fashion has the ability to remedy the essence of human nature.
‘Through clothes’, ‘Fashion is beyond itself: it could be a religion and a satisfaction of pursue to inner beauty.’
Through oriental philosophy, taste is the ultimate morality of ‘mom'(body). Taste wouldn’t exist without moderation. Buddhism says “Life is suffering. Suffering is due to achievement. Achievement can be overcome.” Jehee Sheen pursues a moral inner beauty to create new attitude to wear clothes in social role. And Jehee Sheen agonizes on the reflection of an endless zeitgeist. Jehee Sheen believes that in the oriental philosophy, there is a answer to the new era.


(source 1; edited by tadu8)


Korean Designer Brand Profile Jehee Sheen

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