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Creative Directors Kyoungho Choi & Hyunheui Song



HOLY NUMBER 7 was found by duo designer and couple Kyoungho Choi and Hyunheui Song.
Choi was a menswear MD and Song was a womenswear designer before they launched their own brand.
In such a stimulating and decadent culture in this age, their brand melts positive stories. It is a brand that is witty, but not light, with fun and ecstatic designs.
These days, people are heavily concentrated on outer looks and the media, which the duo designers feel great pity and sympathy towards to.

So their motto is “‘you are beautiful the way you are”.
Their unique features are their color scheme and dandy street fashion styled in extraordinary and fresh looks.
They play with color in extravagant methods attracting both men and women wanting to wear HOLY NUMBER 7.


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Korean Designers Brands Profile HOLYNUMBER7

Korean Designers Brands Profile HOLYNUMBER7

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