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Creative Director  Meenam Park



The curious voyager!

Traveler exploring daily lives with curiosity and scrupulous passion.

Since the establishment of this company back in 2012, we have always worked with curiosity and passion.

The next step for us is to send unconditional love for things that are beautiful design them, and take them into actions.

Individually and together, we offer season-less collections filled with brand lines each with unique charms.

We hope that the year of 2020 will be the time for us to lay the designs, ideas, and actions we have been preparing for a long time into motion.

This year, we plan to be diligent in going through trials-and-errors to open up a variety of themes.

We are sure that the discovery of an excellent material would bring happiness and joy for us.

We hope to experience positive change together in discovering refreshing new-self inside us.


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