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Creative Director  Ji Man Kim



The origin of the brand, “GRAPHISTE MAN.G” is the act of painting. The designer intuitively describes love and paints it in his art work with his own interpretation.

This means “GRAPHISTE MAN.G” will come to our people as the great brand expressing its meaningful uniqueness with the slogan, “Love of My Life” rather than becoming exaggerated and meaningless subculture.


The designer was born in Kyung-gi Province in 1983. After graduating from Indeok University, Animation Art Department, he was actively involved in many projects pertaining to fashion designing, graphite and tattoo and also in 2005 he launched the hand-made fashion brand, “Vicent Man” to expand his capability and career.

With all the previous great experience, in 2013 he successfully established the current brand, “GRAPHISTE MAN.G”, where you can find the fantastic hand-paining design as the core component of his work.



2013 02    Graphiste Man.g Launching

2016 04    2016 F/W Indiebrand Fair

2016 07    Indie Brand Excellent Firm

2016 11    Fashion World Tokyo 2016

2017 03    Chic(China International Fashion Fair)

2017 10    2018S/S Seoul Fashion Week Off Show

2017 11    2018S/S Guangzhou Fashion Week

2017 11    2018S/S Guangzhou Fashion Week Global Top10 Designer Award

2018 03    2018F/W Seoul Fashion Week Off Show

2018 07    2018F/W Guangzhou Fashion Week

2018 10    2019S/S Seoul Fashion Week

2019 03    2019F/W Seoul Fashion Week

2019 07    2019F/W Guangzhou Fashion Week

2019 09    2020S/S Eurasian Fashion Week

2019 10    2020S/S Seoul Fashion Week

2019         2019F/W Head Collaboration

2019         2019F/W Umbro China Collaboration

2020         2020S/S Umbro China Collaboration


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Korean Designer Brand Profile GRAPHISTE MAN.G

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