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Creative Director  Ki Ho Kim, Momoko Hashikami



COINONIA CANVAS is a new easy-to-wear special casual line for modern women. We strive to create the garments that can be easily worn on the skin with relaxed mind and heart for our customers to feel more comfortability and happiness in the daily life. The materials of each garment are carefully selected by imagining and considering our customer’s wish and view point. Our garments are machine-wash friendly, they have the special silhouette to cover the weak points of the body but at the same time it has the excellent shape to show the positive points of the body. They are in easy and comfortable colors to the skin and the eyes. We also try to insert the edgy and artistic touch to our garments to express the up-to-date sensibility toward the current fashion and culture trends. We wish COINONIA CANVAS’s garments will be a part of the happy elements for your daily life. 



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Korean Designer Brand Profile COINONIA

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