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BMUET(TE)  비뮈에뜨

Creative Director  Byung Moon Seo



BMUET(TE) is visually provocative ready-to-wear brand. Initially focused on menswear label and debuted a womenswear range in 2015 and created new label, BMUET(TE) to describe their idea to meet new structure. It displays an unconventional construction of garment that exude from creative pattern cutting. And conveys new idea to find hidden construction of garment and pushes the boundaries of traditional idea and construction. it also strikes layered, avant-garde silhouettes, rendered in accessible yet luxurious materials and accented with dramatic structural shape. The philosophy of this label resists existing rule or conventional idea and creates new research and prospect of all process to show poetic expression without any limit of thinking.



SOUNDS BMUET(TE) is a diffusion line of BMUET(TE). Embracing conceptual aesthetic of BMUET(TE), launched in 2018. SOUNDS BMUET(TE) approaches contemporary sensibility with creative vision and avant-garde eyes from main line. It presents minimalist avant-garde and new street-inspired take on deconstructed aesthetic of BMUET(TE). The look of SOUNDS BMUET(TE) delivers more casual and youthful sensibility infusing new realm of street style with innovative concept.



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Korean Designer Brand Profile BMUET(TE)

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