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51PERCENT 51퍼센트

Creative Director  Lee Won Jae 



Designer Lee was born Korea in 1991. He majored in mechanical engineering at university, and he was usually interested in fashion. During the military service, his interest in fashion grew even more, and after graduating, he took a rest from school and learned various things such as illustration, pattern, and sewing at the fashion school in Gwangju.

After graduating from college, the company had decided to find a job, but he was worried about fashion and his major. After completing eight months he was selected for youth entrepreneurship support business and launched brand 51percent.

The support business was a big opportunity for 51percent to come out of the world, where only light bags and t-shirts could be made.

51percent is influenced by engineering, the designer’s major design, and its structural design is inspired, mainly inspired by natural and artificial structures, and the product is transformed and applied in a subjective way.

Thinking of products as a parameter that connects people with us, the most important things for us are the existence and function of products as products and the structural artistry we want to express.

Products should be wearable, commercial and artistic that we can wear and enjoy. 
In the end, we will be 51% more attractive than anything else.


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Korean Designers Brands Profile 51PERCENT

Korean Designers Brands Profile 51PERCENT

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